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Xem Nhiều 10/2022 ❤️ Xe.com Money Transfer Review: Should I Be Using Xe? Moneytransfercomparison ❣️ Top Trend

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Cập nhật thông tin chi tiết về Xe.com Money Transfer Review: Should I Be Using Xe? Moneytransfercomparison mới nhất ngày 02/10/2022 trên website Sachlangque.net. Hy vọng nội dung bài viết sẽ đáp ứng được nhu cầu của bạn, chúng tôi sẽ thường xuyên cập nhật mới nội dung để bạn nhận được thông tin nhanh chóng và chính xác nhất. Cho đến thời điểm hiện tại, bài viết này đã đạt được 6,336 lượt xem.

Xe Money Transfer Review: What You Need To Know

Xe Money Transfer Review, Rates & Fees

Xe Money Transfer Review 2022: Complaints, Fees, Rates

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Review Xe Vinfast Fadil Màu Đen Hợp Mệnh Gì?

This XE Money Transfer review is intended to explain the pros and cons of using this company for your future money transfer needs. We focus on the important aspects like fees and exchange rates, the quality of the online trading platform, and the level of service provided. XE Money Transfer is a merger of chúng tôi and HiFX that took place in 2022.

🏛️ Established

1993. Owned by Euronet since July, 2022. Merged with HiFX since December, 2022.

⚖️ Regulation

✓ XE Money Transfer for european based inpiduals is now provided by HiFX Europe Limited, regulated by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Provider.

✓ HiFX is also regulated in Canada, Australia and New Zealand where the rebrand to XE money transfer similarly applies.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Client Reviews

Over 29,000 reviews on TrustPilot

👍 Advantages

Since 1993

Ultra-Accurate Currency Quotes

Owned by Industry Giant Euronet Worldwide

Now provided by HiFX, fully regulated in all jurisdictions psent

No Industry Awards or Recognition (for Money Transfers)

Our Rating: Pending

Status: Not In MTC’s Most Recommended List

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XE Money Transfer FAQ

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Company Information and Credibility

Company Size:

XE.com, which was established in 1993 in Ontario, Canada, is one of the Internet’s first currency exchange rate providers. Nowadays, there are hundreds of websites offering up-to-date information (we also have our own foreign currency rates section), but back when XE was established, there were none.

Between 1993 and 2002, together with the popularization of the Internet, chúng tôi became a synonym for everything currency related. It created a variety of tools, graphs, and APIs, that many companies were happy to pay a monthly retainer in order to gain access.

In 2002 XE started XE Trade, an online international money transfer service. While it is still selling currency data packages to companies, this has supposedly become the company’s main revenue stream. Since 2002, XE Trade Money Transfers has processed billions in global payments and has served thousands of businesses and inpiduals.

In July 2022 chúng tôi was bought by Euronet, the owners of HiFX and Ria money transfer (among others). The company employed 20-30 employees in Canada prior to the purchase. Last year the Euronet group processed over $115 billion in transfer volumes – a staggering amount and we’d be interested to see how much XE has transferred itself.

Regulated By:

XE Money Transfer, now provided by HiFX, is regulated in Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Adding to XE’s existing licenses in the US.

In its younger years and prior to using HiFX as their payment provider (as part of the acquisition by Euronet Worldwide), XE worked with Western Union. Which is also, of course, fully regulated, being the largest non-bank money transmitter in the world.

XE Money Transfer is now being consistently delivered by HiFX who are regulated by the FCA in the UK and all relevant regulators in the jurisdictions it operates. This is pferable to the pvious set up where you would hope chúng tôi were choosing the right outsourced FX partner to provide a white-labelled service for your transfer. However, even despite the move, it is still not listed as one of the best currency transfer companies to provide the service .

Client Feedback


There are over 38,000 TrustPilot reviews which are 96% positive. With the strong XE brand, usage of the service and indeed the number of reviews appear much higher than before, perhaps incorporating HiFX reviews too. Even within the last year the company has amassed an additional 10,000 reviews.

For the sake of comparison, a company like World First has around 7,000 verified reviews on Feefo.


A small number of XE reviews we have discovered online are negative, detailing a number of reasons for their poor rating: non-responsive staff, poor rates, and a tricky online platform.

The 96% of positive reviews we have found online provide the complete opposite notion. The positive reviewers are extremely satisfied with the service they have received, the rates, and every other aspect. The positive XE reviews really like the speed and ease in which transfers are made,

There are additional reviews on the Comments section of this review by non-verified clients who provided feedback in regards to the service they have received.

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Exchange Rates & Fees

Fees: XE proudly states they do not charge any fixed fees per transfer. Prior to 2022, this information was not mentioned on chúng tôi so the firm has perhaps changed its fee structure or just chose to opt for more transparency than before.

Exchange rates: The exchange rates in which chúng tôi uses are not visible on the website. You have to register and sign in to the online system, or speak to a phone repsentative, to get the current rates. These rates depend on the currencies and the volume of trading.

Limits: Not specified on the website.

XE Business Model and Ownership:

Euronet Worldwide Inc. (Nasdaq: EEFT) is a large money transfer company worth US$4 billion by market capitalisation and handling over $115 billion in cash per year across 155 countries. Euronet acquired chúng tôi in a cash and shares deal worth around $100 million. Once Euronet owned both HiFX and chúng tôi it made the decision to remove Western Union as XE’s money transfer provider and utilise the in-group capabilities of HiFX.

HiFX is a global provider of foreign exchange and as pviously explained was already part of the Euronet group of companies. The Euronet takeover allowed XE.com’s online brand to be matched with HiFX’s reputation and market position. The improvement in customer feedback since XE has been run by HiFX indicates it was the right decision by Euronet to merge the two brands.

XE earns revenue from two services tied to currency exchange rates: currency data and international payments. XE earns subscription-based fees for delivering global currency exchange rate data through its proprietary currency data API. XE then earns transaction-based revenue from XE Money Transfers, its online international payments service made available to businesses and consumers through HiFX who have now rebranded their own business to XE Money Transfers too.


We could not determine whether XE rates are better than their competitors, on par, or worse, due to mixed client opinions.

Global Reach & Service


Dedicated Dealer: Yes (HiFX dealer).

Offices: UK, Spain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand

Ways to Approach: Telephone, online and via email.

Translations: No.

Accepts Clients: Worldwide.

Currencies Handled: 60+.

Client Reviews: Nearly all positive post HiFX rebrand


The XE Money Transfer service accepts clients internationally with no limitations. Their main focus is on clients from North America, Australia-NZ, the EU, and the UK. There are different sections on the Money Transfer section on chúng tôi devoted to people from these different locales but the content is highly similar between these different locations. tThe primary difference is the end-user agreement depending on which region you’re in.

Now that HiFX has also come under the XE name it means XE will be in the UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand in addition to their original office in Canada. This is a marked improvement from before when it was just Canada and is a fairly consistent map of coverage in line with the big providers in the market. For the sake of comparison, its highly-rated competitor Currencies Direct boasts offices in 4 continents, and 7 functioning offices in total.

Additional Functionalities

XE.com is arguably the best online currency exchange calculator and has everything relating to this aspect – historical currency rates, currency charts, rate alerts, currency exchange apps, API’s, and more. All of the aforementioned services are great but fall outside the realm of making an international money transfer.

In international money transfers, however, XE offers the following: options, forward contracts, regular payments, mass payments, an online trading system and of course spot transactions. Like most FX brokerages, options are only available to corporate clients. Xe is also one of the few brokers that can offer credit lines to corporate customers. In fact it can grant credit facilities for up to 5 years, meaning clients may not have to provide a deposit for every forward or options contract they book. Corporate FX customers can also process mass payments via API.


For private clients, the XE Trade online system is similar in function to Transferwise and Currencyfair . You can use the online system to move money from point A to point B with no trouble.

The suite of products available to corporate clients is comphensive and you can see the value that HiFX has brought to XE. Specialist market intelligence and a dedicated team that can discuss bespoke FX risk management strategies is just what we expect from a large money transfer brand. Much like the corporate services provided by Moneycorp and Global Reach Partners .

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